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Why Madfern?

Why Madfern? Because on the modern internet, shopping for furniture frankly sucks - especially if you're a man who doesn't want to live like Martha Stewart.

There's a million websites that will drown you in a flood of endless mediocrity, and the process of finding good stuff that will improve your daily life requires a tremendous amount of research and effort to make sure you're actually buying a good product that will serve its intended function and not suck.

Madfern exists to solve the problem that we - Alex and Sara - encountered when we tried to upgrade our lives. The plan was simple; upgrade everything that we touched regularly in our daily lives. Particularly the stuff that we used every day; because everything gets easier if you don't have to fight your tools and your environment is customized to your particular needs. 

For example, why have a coffee table that is lame or subtracts value, I reasoned, when I could have a badass coffee table that makes me feel smug every time I look at it? Why suffer through good enough, when theoretically we could have greatness? Shouldn't everything in our house be optimized to make it easier for us to enjoy life, reduce our stress, and make it easier to achieve our goals? 

It turns out that this is not at all easy on the modern internet. Optimizing everything while not wasting money was a tremendous, exhausting project. We had no idea what we were in for.   

Keep in mind that we are efficiency geeks. We want the best in life, but we don't want to waste money like an idiot. We also don't want to buy the things that Karen would like; we like the finer things in life, and it turns out that shopping for people like us is a tremendous pain in the ass at every level. 

It took days to find the right coffee table. Many days more when we researched the best price/performance/aesthetic dynamics for our high-end massage chair. The Great Upgrade took on a life of its own; a month-long process of searching for stuff that was actually cool, worth splurging on, and wasn't a humiliating waste of money, it's rough out there. 

This process was such a pain in the ass - shopping to find the best stuff at the highest quality for an honest price - that we decided to build a business to solve it.

We have already shopped for people like us, and we have now built a website to make it easy for anyone to find the kind of good stuff, without having to sort through hundreds of pages of products aimed at the Live Laugh Love crowd - you will find no pastels here on Madfern.

At Madfern we have compiled collections of high end products that will add value to your life, not just take up space. We've sorted the wheat from the chaff into collections of stuff that Alex and Sara think is cool and good, saving you weeks of frustrating research. We want to make it easier for you to upgrade your life - and to be smart and stylish about it, too.