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Meet Alex and Sara!

Madfern is the brainchild of two successful nerds, Alex and Sara, who ran into a wall of tremendous frustration when they tried to shop for the kind of furniture they wanted to buy online. They were so frustrated by how difficult it was to find good-looking, high quality furniture that appeals to masculine style that they decided to build a business about it. 

Madfern is part furniture store, part design-for-fellow-men information portal, and part middle finger aimed at the home goods mass market which seems purely focused on the Karen and Ken HGTV #blessed set. On Madfern, Alex and Sara have already filtered out all the Live Laugh Love crap you don't want to look at, and have selected only the good stuff that fits our nerd style.

Ok, so who are these guys?  

Sara Zinkle cut her chops in Big Corporate working on logistics and supply chain wizardry with the Fortune 500s. She started working in an airport, put herself through college, ferociously competed her way through APICS case competitions and then became a fully fledged corporate warrior, only to discover that she hated Big Corporate. Sara can somehow make a room go from looking like hot garbage to something that would pass for a cover of Architectural Digest. She can't help but six sigma and optimize everything around her, and it absolutely rules. Sara is the business ninja who makes the Madfern engine happen, as well as our style and interior design guru. 

Alexander Gianturco is me! More than a decade ago I quit my career in corporate law in Washington DC in favor of running the internet's greatest and most infamous internet spaceship empire, Goonswarm Federation in Eve Online. I have also become unironically angry at the modern home goods industry and hate that feeling of disassociated alienation that sweeps over me every time I am forced into a big box furniture store or try to browse an online megastore. Because I've been lucky enough to know Sara, who has built the engine of the business, and I also know a whole lot of men with similar tastes, I am highly motivated to carve out a male-friendly corner of the home goods space that sells the kind of stuff I would like to buy from an online store I actually enjoy shopping from. 

Madfern is the beginning of an incredible journey for both of us, and we hope you love Madfern as much as we love bringing it to life!