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A Man's Guide: How to Design Your Dining Room

Welcome to The Mittani's Guide to Design! In this article we will teach you how to optimally set up your dining room. 

If you're new to The Mittani's Guide to Design, start with How To Design A Room, discover your personal style with How To Define Your Personal Style, then discover how to design your Living RoomDining Room, and Bedroom the Madfern way. At Madfern, we're here to make furniture shopping for nerds like us a snap. Enjoy!  


The dining room is typically an underutilized space. It can be used for a formal or casual eating space; it can be a place to host poker or D&D nights, it can be used as a hobby area or a to create a multi-functional space and add a home office. 

The important thing is that you choose your function for your dining room and select furniture based on that function. To get started, check out Madfern's dining room collection; Alex and Sara have already done the shopping for you!

Here are some guidelines:

  • Table, table, table! The table is the core of your dining room and everything will be chosen around that table, so you need to get the right one for your needs. Think functions: are you planning on playing board games more often than having dinner parties? Especially if you play wider board games like Scythe, your favorite game will define the width of your table.
  • Themed Art: Typically not a lot of art is needed. Dining rooms typically have windows so a couple framed posters in a similar style will do the trick.
  • Choose a centerpiece for your table. It should enhance the theme of the room and may be a focal point, but keep in mind how often you may need to move the centerpiece out of the way. Be creative, this is an opportunity to add function to the room as well.
  • Chandeliers! Ladies love chandeliers. Browse our collection and make sure you get the correct size and height for the table and space; this will set the mood for the rest of the room and must match the style of your table. 
  • Add Accent Furniture: This could be a console, buffet, a dry bar, a small hobby desk or display case. This adds personality and additional function to the room and space to display some accent pieces.
  • Make it Multi-functional: If you live in a small space, the dining room is your best bet for a multi-functional office that will not ruin the flow of your room. The dining room is naturally the most 'businesslike' place in the house, and won't give your brain mixed signals the same way as if you tried to do work in your living room or bedroom. 



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