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A Man's Guide: How to Define Your Personal Style

Welcome to The Mittani's Guide to Design! In this article we will teach you how to identify and define your personal design style. 

If you're new to The Mittani's Guide to Design, start with How To Design A Room, discover your personal style with How To Define Your Personal Style, then discover how to design your Living RoomDining Room, and Bedroom the Madfern way. At Madfern, we're here to make furniture shopping for nerds like us a snap. Enjoy!  


You may be unsure what your exact personal style is. I have good news: you already have the answers, if you know where to look.

  • Always Trust Your Gut: In every situation when it comes to mood or theme within a room, your immediate gut reaction is what you want to go with. Many of us 'think' we like things or 'should' like things, but we are humans and humans have little control over what they actually like. Go with your gut. 
  • Start With Your Closet: Open your closet and eyeball your existing selection of clothing, all of which you've been choosing in some capacity your entire adult life. You have certain color themes? Are there patterns? Textures? For example, I have lots of red shirts, lots of black shirts, all in a somewhat formal button down style; I like a modern style with a whiff of megalomania. 
  • Leverage Your Hobbies: What seems cool to you in video games and movies? If you find the gold, white, and black style of the Orokin in Warframe makes you happy, that's relevant information about how your brain will respond to color and design. It doesn't matter if it's in a video game or a film, the process is to identify colors, patterns, and styles that consistently make your gut happy. 
  • Learn From Those You Admire: Are you a fan of a particular musician, entrepreneur, or celebrity? Search the internet and see if there are published photos of their living situation, then use that as a starting point to create your own style. 
  • Pinterest Is Your Friend: I've always used Pinterest to keep tabs on cool Warhammer conversion ideas for my Imperial Guard army, but also it's extremely useful for identifying patterns in your personal style. Make a board for style and save everything you like casually. Don't be too picky, the idea is that if you see something that makes you 'ooh' you save it, and look at the whole swathe of images and concepts in aggregate to pick out the patterns.  
  • Leveraging Your Dislikes: If you get stuck on identifying what things you love, take a break and make a list of all the style elements you can't stand, and let the process of elimination work its magic. Being able to identify and eliminate specific elements which provoke frustration is a key part of optimizing a room. 
  • Become Unapologetically Stylish: Once you've figured out what you like, never apologize to anyone about your preferences. If you are a fountain pen collector and you've decided that your style is Midcentury Modern and you have a friend or girl over and they make fun of your pen display, the issue is with that them, not you. A clearly defined personal style becomes an instant litmus test with which to simplify your life of those who don't belong. 








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